The importance of a business transformation plan in implementing real change to any business or organization

When was the last time your organization underwent change or a significant transformation? Was this change easy to handle? And did it come with certain blowbacks or substantial improvements?

It’s well known that whenever an organization goes through business transformation, it is striving to change for its betterment, ideally an increase in efficiency or returns for its stakeholders. However, when discussing the topic of transformation in business, two opposing ideas arise these are incremental change and business transformation. These translate to learning a new approach or step in the currently existing business model compared to overhauling and radically changing how employees engage with the workplace to produce value and results. This multiplies the importance of understanding factors that relate to resistance to change and how employees respond to change.

Important points to take note of include; identifying the strategy and vision, aligning human resources, relevant processes, and plans that are needed to reach that goal. The size of the transformation plan additionally affects its viability, as the goal is to change the way how a company conducts its business directly. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that all affected personnel are on board with the change. This includes the CEO and upper management down to base level employees. It is crucial always to keep everyone informed and updated as to how the organization will move forward.

Many professionals in the field agree that the best way to utilize business transformation management teams (BTM) is to build up and construct the best path to success. Holisticly this includes both a long term and short term strategy, understanding and having a clear vision, setting specific goals and objectives.

By working together, we can uncover answers so that you can become more confident, aware, and have a lasting personalized solution that adapts to your situations.

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